Val di Rabbi

Valuable natural environments
and the beauty of the landscape

Val di Rabbi is definitely one of the most typical environments of Trentino, both for its natural landscape and for the significant, deeply homogeneous anthropic interventions.
It is an authentic Alpine environment, where the woods are alternated with meadows and the farmsteads, keeping the image of bygone days intact, contribute to creating a rigorous integrity.
Actually, the landscape in Val di Rabbi is perhaps the most typically “alpine” among the valleys of Trentino.In Val di Rabbi, there is an air and a flavour of ancient times, when man and nature respected and protected one another.
The determining element in the landscape of Val di Rabbi is water, to be found in many forms: streams, torrents, waterfalls and Alpine lakes.
Among the most beautiful waterfalls in Val di Rabbi, it is worth mentioning the Ragaiolo, Valorz and Saent waterfalls, among the most spectacular in the Stelvio National Park.
The flora in Val di Rabbi deserves special attention. With the arrival of spring, it carpets every corner with its bright colours.
It is impossible to list even just a small part of the species to be found in Val di Rabbi. We therefore only list the classic Alpine flora species to be found here: rhododendron, edelweiss, nigritella, field gentian, anemone, and martagon lily.
The wide variety of environments is also favourable for many species of fauna typical of the Alpine environment, which have found their ideal habitat in Val di Rabbi. The main animal species are chamois, deer, roe deer, marmot, fox, squirrel, stoat, capercaillie, black grouse, rock ptarmigan, and the golden eagle, the emblem of the Stelvio National Park.

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